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The world is changing like never before, and Global Pandemic has pushed consumers near the virtual world. To avoid physical contact, consumers started exploring the online world. Online markets provide every product available in physical demand but somehow lack physical interaction and user experience. For some, it might be a drawback of online stores. Still, it’s an opportunity to explore other resources to enhance the user experience.


The answer lies in technological advancement; we would be looking for available technology to cope with online user experience problems. Consumers/customers can have a 3D preview of a product in their living environment sitting in the bedroom.

There are two types of technologies VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).

what is Virtual reality?

VR Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality refers to the computer-generated 3D artificial environment of a real or imaginary world. In VR, with the support of VR gadgets, one can experience computer-generated simulation. VR Gadgets are VR headset, VR Glasses, etc. 

It can be a tool to provide consumers/customers with a 3D preview of the product. It enhances user experience and provides a connection and interaction of end-user with the product before even buying it.


One of the biggest limitations is that all customers don’t have access to these devices. You can’t target masses to advertise using VR.

What is augmented reality?

AR Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality is a type of VR style Technology. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t require an additional device to be implemented. It can display 3D artificially generated real or imaginary models into a natural live environment through a smartphone device’s camera lens. AR has a huge potential to challenge traditional advertising methods. Moreover, it provides a platform for online stores to display products differently and help consumers in decision-making. 

Augmented Reality

What is required to display products in AR?

  • To display the productfirst of all, you are required to create a 3D model of your product. The 3D model is a clone of a real product generated through 3D design. It is exactly look-alike of your actual product. 
  • From here onwards, you need to decide where you want this model to be displayed.

AR web, AR-based website

AR app, AR application

 Try On Application:

 As explained by the name, it’s a try on of your product where consumers/customers can try your product. Like if your product is a shoe, the customer opens your AR app and provides camera access. When he/she directs the camera towards foot, he can view that shoe on his foot. He/She can rotate 360 degrees to consider every side of the product.

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     You have an online retail store. You want a consumer to view your product differently and allow them to have complete freedom of using virtual try room AR is here to serve you. It helps end-user in purchasing decisions and provides an entire enhanced experience. 

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